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  • Hope in Times of Trial10/25/2021 9:59:50 PM

    Life in this world is difficult. That is not a flaw, it is a feature.

  • Despair is a Sin10/24/2021 10:20:12 PM

    For a believer, the states of the world and the nation are pretty grim right now. It would be natural to succumb to fear and despair. Scripture makes it very clear that such an attitude is sinful and displeasing to God. The victory is His, but the struggle is ours. We are to meet todays challenges with confidence and courage.

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  • Planting for the Resurrection, Developing the Seed10/22/2021 3:12:40 PM

    Seeds are information - the seed has all that's needed to build the plant. At the resurrection when the graves are opened, the body that has died is the seed for the new life to come. What information does it have?

  • Isaiah 18-20, Oracles of Cush and Egypt10/21/2021 3:22:50 PM

    Cush and Egypt were allies of Israel during the time of the Assyrian conquest. Since the Assyrians were God's chosen instrument, they proved insufficient. Also during these chapters we get a look forward to Apostolic times when peace would reign from Egypt to Syria.

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  • Time and Hope10/20/2021 9:13:53 PM

    We deal with two concepts of time, cyclical and linear. Cyclical time encompasses the cycles of the day, week, month, year, lifetime. In this view, everything that is will repeat. Linear time embodies progress, the idea that the cycles are moving toward a goal.

  • The Second Coming, Sheep and Goats10/18/2021 5:45:51 PM

    Being sorted into the flock of goats at the final judgment will probably come as a surprise to most. As we see in the prophets, when Israel gets sent into exile, it is generally a surprise to those who go.

  • Relationship With God10/17/2021 8:55:44 PM

    When humanity gets too comfortable and far from God, He pulls them out of civilization and into tents. In this wilderness sojourning, God tries to develop a relationship. That relationship, if it is successful begins in following Him for the promise of blessing. As the relationship matures, He tests it. That is what happened to Abraham. It happens with all who follow God.

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  • The Second Coming, The Parable of the Talents II10/13/2021 9:27:27 PM

    In the second half of this discussion, we talk about the nature of risk in business and life as it relates to what Messiah wants to find with you when He returns.

  • The Second Coming, The Parable of the Talents I10/11/2021 9:30:11 PM

    There's quite a bit going on in the Parable of the Talents. This is a character study not only of the three servants, but of the master as well.

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