• A New Economy
    The Bible presents us with three distinct regimes in God's relationship with His people. The direct presence of God in the camp, Israel in the land and exile. Deuteronomy can be seen as a set of instructions for living in the land.
  • Abraham, Lot and the Pig
    What pigs and rules for clean eating can tell us about people.
  • Architecture of the Soul
    Both Jewish and secular sources provide insight into how we are built and how we function both spiritually and physically.
  • Bathsheba
    There's more to Bathsheba than you learned in Sunday school. She was quite a power player in Biblical Israel.
  • Be Holy
    God, through Moses, calls His people to holiness. What does that mean in context and how does it apply to followers of Y'shua?
  • Biblical Slavery
    The Biblical allowance of slavery is a source of embarrassment for believers who hold to biblical standards in the face of fashionable perversion.
  • Blood Draws Near
    The purpose of blood sacrifice in the Torah
  • Bodily Resurrection
    Paul talks about the resurrection body in 1 Cor 15, we can infer something about what that will be like by looking at Adam and Y'shua
  • But they did not recognize him
    The meeting between Joseph and his brothers helps explain why many devout Jews do not accept Y'shua as the Messiah.
  • Carrying a Full Cup
    Success is the most difficult test of all.
  • Casting Lots
    How does God divide up real estate and what does that mean to the church?
  • Circumcision of the Heart
    What is circumcision of the heart and how is it done?
  • Cities of Refuge
    Why God uses exile as a punishment for killing.
  • Exile I
    The various exiles of God's people from His land follow a definite pattern. Part of that pattern is the closing of His word.
  • Exile II
    Just as departure into exile has a pattern, so does the return from exile.
  • Exile III
    Satan's attempt to thwart the pattern of return from exile.
  • Fear and Faith are Twins
    The shield of faith is a specific defense against having your fears come to pass.
  • Galatians and Obedience
    Does Paul's letter to the Galatians invalidate the Torah?
  • Gideon's Fleece
    How does one discern the will of God in a specific situation?
  • Goats
    The theme of two brothers goes throughout the Bible. Two goats does too.
  • God's Arrow
    In Zechariah 9 the prophet says that Ephraim is His arrow and Judah His Bow. What does that mean historically and what is the target?
  • Government and the Exodus
    The Exodus sets the pattern for God's interaction with governments.
  • Hardness of Heart I
    Does God override free will by hardening the human heart?
  • Hardness of Heart II
    Y'shua's remedy for hardness of heart.
  • Healing and Remembrance
    The spiritual component of healing old mental and emotional wounds.
  • Healing Chronic Pain
    Combining massage and prayer to solve chronic pain.
  • Jacob, Sent by the Son
    Each of the three patriarchs teaches us a great deal about God. Jacob's contribution is to teach about Holy Spirit.
  • Justice, Mercy and a Great Suit of Clothes
    What can we learn about God by studying the garments of the High Priest?
  • Male and Female Created He Them
    Why do we have two sexes?
  • Manure
    The Word of God is a seed that grows in the corruption of the human heart.
  • Murder and Cities of Refuge
    Cities of Refuge were a vital component of God's criminal justice system.
  • Mussar - Patience Thought Questions
    Questions for discussion on patience.
  • Nehemiah and the Current Return
    Considering the book of Nehemiah, what can we learn about the current state of Israel?
  • Pattern of Return
    The Hebrew people have returned from exile several times. Studying those historical returns can give us insight into the current return from exile.
  • Pattern of Three
    Following Biblical patterns will help the believer use the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Paul, Apostile of the Exile
    Have you ever wondered why Paul is often difficult to understand?
  • Pinchas and the Nature of Peace
    What the world calls peace is very different from how the Bible uses the word.
  • Prepare for the High Holy Days
    The High Holy Days are an opportunity to reset your life for the next year.
  • Principle of the Seed
    In the Bible, virtually everything can be explained in terms of family or agriculture.
  • Redemption
    The Exodus sets the pattern for God's interaction with world governments.
  • Resurrection Mystery
    The body planted in the grave is a seed to grow the resurrection body.
  • Spiritual Self Defense
    As you deal with the unclean spirits in your life, how do you keep them from coming back?
  • Spiritual Strongholds
    How spiritual strongholds are constructed and how you can smash them.
  • Tablets of Stone
    When God gave the Ten Commandments, He had no desire to write them on tablets of stone.
  • The Coming Temple
    Why will there be another Temple in Jerusalem; what is its purpose?
  • The Envy of Cain
    Israel was destroyed on the Tisha b Av for the same reasons that Cain was rejected by God.
  • The First or the Best?
    Why is the firstfruits not necessarily from the best of the crop?
  • The Knowledge of Good and Evil
    God gives us a choice between good and evil, life and death.
  • The New Covenant
    What are the conditions for the New Covenant and what is our status?
  • The New Covenant II
    Tablets of stone are a metaphor for hearts of stone.
  • The Pattern of Shabbat
    God uses the sabbath to establish a pattern for all time and all people, its not just for the Jews.
  • Thoughts on Kosher from Romans
    God's Torah on what to eat has not been changed by the New Testament.
  • Torah 101
    The Torah is not what most people believe it is. It is freedom and joy as you move through this world.
  • Understanding Evil
    Evil is abroad in the world. It is vital for a believer to be able to recognize it and its methods.
  • Unto the Principalities and Powers
    Paul explains the mystery of gentile reconciliation with God.
  • What Goes Around Comes Around
    In God's creation, the scales must always balance. This requirement to balance can explain many things in Scripture that are otherwise obscure.
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