Ezekiel 2021


Ezekiel was a priest who served and prophesied during the Babylonian Exile. He was captured and transported to Babylon during Nebuchadnezzar's first invasion of Israel.

  • Ezekiel 1, By the Chebar Canal
    The first part of Ezekiel takes place during the interval between the first and second Babylonian invasions of Israel. The prophecy begins with the appearance of God riding in a mysterious vehicle with four cherubs. It is here that Ezekiel is called to be a prophet.
  • Ezekiel 4,5 An Iron Griddle
    Ezekiel performs an elaborate pantomime showing the siege of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar. The iron griddle between his face and the model city shows God hardening Himself to their prayers. Chapter 5 also explains why God's attitude is just and necessary.
  • Ezekiel 6,7 Pride Has Budded
    Israel was deep into idol worship. They had become more corrupt that even the pagan nations around them. God's message was that their iniquity had become ripe and their doom was coming.
  • Vision of the Temple
    Ezekiel's vision occurs over a year after the first. In the spirit he is taken to Jerusalem where he is shown all of the abominations of the remnant left after Nebuchadnezzar's first invasion. In this vision, God appoints a scribe to mark those who are faithful to Him and then sends six destroyers into the city to kill everyone else. God makes it very clear that this destruction is measure for measure in response to the violence and injustice they have allowed to flourish in the city.