Jeremiah 2022

Jeremiah, one of the major prophets, served between 627 and 586 BCE. One of his constant themes was that wishful thinking without righteous behavior would lead the nation into destruction.

  • Jer22_1-2 What Do You See

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    The calling of Jeremiah. The first of his visions depicts God being faithful to His own word and the second, a northward facing boiling pot, prefigures the Babylonian invasion that would sweep Judah and Jerusalem away into exile.
  • Jer22_3-4 Faithless Wife

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    Here God talks of the spiritual adultery of Israel and declares that her sister Judah is worse. At the time of the prophecy Israel had been in exile for over a century and Judah had not yet been exiled to Babylon. Even though God declares all of the reasons for His sorrow, He also promises a return and a reunification of the two houses.