Messianic Psalms

This brief study was inspired by the book, "Messiah ben Joseph" by David C Mitchell. The book is a literature survey of biblical and Jewish writings that indicate there are to be two messiahs; one a descendant of Joseph and the other a descendant of Judah via David. Although the book covers the entire Bible, this series of recordings deal only with the Psalms.

  • Introduction and Psalm 2

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    Going back to the blessing of the Sons of Jacob and then the tribes by Moses, it becomes clear that both Joseph and Judah have leadership roles within the nation. Joseph gets the blessing of Abraham and most of the attention in Gen 39 and Dt 33. After this introduction, Psalm 2 describes a three way conversation between the Father, His Son and a narrator.
  • Psalms 22, 23, 24 A Valley Between Two Mountains

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    Psalms 22, 23 and 24 form a Messianic tryptic. The first describes the crucifixion and the last describes the return of the conquering king. In between is the Valley of the Shadow of death where He descended into the grave and then arose three days later.
  • Psalm 110 A Priestly King

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    Psalm 110 introduces the idea of a priestly king. Heretofore priests have come from Levi and kings from either Judah or Ephraim. This change and the reasons therefore are explained in the Book of Hebrews.
  • Psalms 80, 89, 92 Two Messiahs

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    The group of Psalms from Ps 60 to Ps 108 heavily refer to Joseph and the Northern Kingdom of Israel. In these three Psalms we see evidence of two Messiahs, one from Joseph and the other from Judah.