Along with the two letters to Timothy, Titus is one of three letters to young church leaders. 

In this letter, Paul addresses many of the political strains within a church that was still very much intertwined with Judaism as well as in danger of being snuffed out by Rome.

  • Titus 1-2, Politics in the Early Church

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    Titus was one of Paul's disciples who got dispatched to handle various ministry problems. He figured prominently in the early church debate over circumcision and whether gentile converts needed to obey rabbinic law. In this letter Paul cautions against following the advice of members of the Circumcision Party.
  • Titus 3, An Appeal to Order

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    In the closing verses of the letter, Paul is concerned with order in the church. To the outside world, both as a witness and for their protection, an orderly image is important. Within the church it is important that disputes not tear them apart.