Zechariah 2022

Zechariah, along with Haggai, was a prophet to the Israelites who were returning from the Babylonian captivity. This group was authorized to rebuild the Temple but not to fortify Jerusalem. 

His prophecies range from the purely local to encourage the returnees to the End Times.

  • Zechariah22_1-3 Return to Me

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    In this first series of visions the Lord tells Zechariah that He is displeased with the nations who have chastened Israel. Although their actions were initiated by God, they went beyond their brief. God assures the prophet that He will once again bless Israel because of her repentance. He will remember His covenant and will deal with the nations appropriately.
  • Zechariah22 4-5 A Woman in a Basket

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    The vision of the lampstand, the flying scroll and the woman in the basket. Zechariah, seeing future things with which he had no experience used contemporary images to describe them. The word translated 'woman' also could be translated 'fire'. In our understanding evil fire in a 5 gallon container with a lead cover might be a nuclear weapon.
  • Zechariah22_6 Four Chariots

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    In vision, Zechariah sees four chariots with differently colored horses. Chariots and horses are instruments of war. The ones going toward the north will bring God's spirit to rest, indicating that they will recompense Assyria and Babylon for the excessive damage done to Israel while acting as God's instrument of chastisement.
  • Zechariah22_7-8 Jealous for Jerusalem

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    Returning exiles inquired whether they should continue to fast and weep for the destruction done by Babylon. In answering, God assured them that He would once again favor Israel with peace and security.
  • Zechariah22 9-10 A Humble King

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    Amidst prophecies about Alexander the Great, the return of Ephraim and the Maccabean Revolt we find the entry of a humble king riding a donkey into Jerusalem.
  • Zechariah 11-12 Worthless Shepherds

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    God had set three classes of shepherd over Israel, priests, prophets and kings. These had all failed the sheep in one way or another leading to idolatry and corruption which caused God to send the nation into exile. God pronounces woe to the worthless shepherds.
  • Zechariah 13-14 The Day of the Lord

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    Chapter 13 predicts the Crucifixion and the scattering of Israel. Chapter 14 predicts the Second Coming and the Millennial Reign.