• Esau's Kiss, Was it Sincere?
    At the end of his sojourn in Haran, Jacob returns to the land and meets Esau. The Torah says that Esau kissed him when they met. Was that kiss sincere?
  • Jacob Becomes Esau
    In the story of Jacob and Esau, Jacob by trickery and guile takes Esau's identity. By the time they meet after Jacob's exile, Jacob has, in many respects, become his brother.
  • Judah as Esau
    Comparing the lives of Judah and Esau, it becomes obvious that they are the same character. This casts a different light on Jacob's theft of Esau's blessing in the face of Isaac's desire to split the blessing of Abraham.
  • Judah the Humble King
    Of the two royal lines in Israel, Judah and Joseph, both exhibit an humble character.
  • Please Identify...Deceiving Jacob
    In a remarkable display of deja vu, Joseph's brothers deceive their father using a goat.
  • Signs of the Presence of the Holy Spirit
    The entire Bible, Tanak and Apostolic Scriptres, is consistent that when the Holy Spirit lands on someone, those around him know it.
  • Successful Prayer
    Tending a prayer is much like tending a garden. You only plant the seed once, but then you must defend the crop.
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