• Angels and Marriage
    The Sadducees, trying to trap Y'shua, ask Him an impossible question.
  • Balaam and the Feasts of God
    When Balaam is called to curse Israel, he instead gives three blessings. Those blessings mirror the the three Feasts of Ascent given by God.
  • Bible Geography 3
    The role terrain plays in shaping the events in the Bible. This is the third segment of the first hour.
  • Bible Geography: The Battle of Ai
    The Battle of AI laid out on a topographic map.
  • Biblical Geography
    Part 1. This discusses the military and economic implications of Israel's location within the ancient world.
  • Biblical Geography 2
    The role terrain plays on Biblical history. This is the second segment of the first hour.
  • God's Deception Plan
    People wonder why some things are not spelled out clearly in the Torah. It might be because God is dealing with a rebellion and doesn't want the enemy to know His plans.
  • Was Balaam a Preview of the Anti-Christ?
    Balaam's story mirrors the stories of Abraham and Moses in many superficial ways. In the same way, the Anti-Christ will mirror Y'shua.
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