• A Stolen Blessing
    Isaac had always intended to bless his sons differently. The blessing of Abraham was never on offer to Esau.
  • Jacob at the Well
    Jacob's life is harsh and marked by bad decisions, yet he is one of the patriarchs. What does that mean for us?
  • Joel 2: Structure and Meaning
    The Bible is typically fairly terse, not using any more words than needed. To augment the words, the Bible uses structure. Recognizing that structure opens up quite a bit more meaning.
  • Lot: a Biblical Case Study
    The Bible often teaches through case studies; telling stories of two men each faced with the same choices. In the case of Lot and Abraham, Lot's choices lead inexorably to his destruction.
  • Loving Kindness
    God shows loving kindness to us despite the miserable things we often do.
  • Natural vs. Moral Law in the Bible
    Moral law was introduced by God after the Flood. It differs from natural law in that it is proscriptive rather than descriptive. The moral law is given in two ways, statute and case studies.
  • The Gospel in Genesis
    Hebrew names have meaning. Looking at the names of the first generations in Genesis reveals the Gospel.
  • Why did God Choose Circumcision?
    Religions and other groups have used many ways of marking their own throughout history, Why did God choose circumcision for His people?
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