• Hardness of Heart
    A hard heart is unable to understand the miracles of God. This does not happen to unbelievers only.
  • Holy Spirit and the New Covenant
    The New Covenant has a number of features that are not yet in place. The Holy Spirit is the believer's guarantee that he is included.
  • Idol Worship
    In addition to being forbidden, idol worship has some rather practical consequences.
  • Sacrifice in the Millennium
    There will be animal sacrifice in the Millennial Temple. This prospect will disturb some.
  • Speak to the Rock - Why Moses did not Enter the Land
    In the wilderness, Moses brought water from the rock on two occasions. The second time, he did not exactly do as he was told which resulted in his being denied entry into the promised land.
  • The Great Dance
    God has always wanted to live among His people. The problem is that we cannot long survive such proximity. The Bible can be read as the story of the process whereby God changes us so that He can achieve His goal.
  • The Occult
    The Torah instructs us to stay out of the occult. There's a difference of opinion as to why.
  • Was the Golden Calf a Cherub?
    Ezekiel had two slightly different visions of the throne of God. The difference gives a clue why Israel made a golden calf in the wilderness.
  • Witchcraft
    In Ezekiel, God speaks against witchcraft and witches.
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