• Abraham and the Stranger
    Abraham's treatment of Hagar sets up the events of the Exodus.
  • Consent of the Governed
    The events leading up to the giving of the Ten Commandments establish the principle of consent of the governed.
  • How Each Hears God
    As unique individuals, each of us hears the voice of God differently. That is a good thing because in a community the different parts can get closer to the whole.
  • Prophets, Parables and Exile
    God does not always speak plainly. Typically, He sends a prophet to warn His people. If they do not listen, He has the prophet switch to parables which are designed not to be easliy understood.
  • Ten Commandments: A Marriage Covenant
    The Ten Commandments is often regarded as a list of *don'ts* A more healthy way to look at is as a description of the bride and groom in the marriage covenant between God and Israel.
  • Us and Them - How to Treat the Other
    In parsha Mishpatim, God tells Israel in the strongest terms that they may not mistreat the stranger, the fatherless, the widow or the poor.
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