• God's Laws as Minefield Markers
    Because of the Fall, we no longer have the spiritual discernment we should. God graciously gives us boundaries to keep us out of trouble.
  • The Priesthood
    John, in Revelation, says that all believers are priests. How do we reconcile this with God's promises to Aaron that his sons would inherit the priesthood?
  • The Purpose of Exile
    Biblically, Israel periodically fell away from God and lapsed into evil. God uses exile to correct those flaws that lead to such bad behavior.
  • Three, Three, Three and One - The Ten Commandments
    Conceptually, there are several ways to divide up the Ten Commandments. Three, three, three and one mirrors the days of creation and the ten plagues of Egypt. Looking at the Commandments in that way gives a different insight.
  • What it Means to Love God
    The Shema in Deuteronomy 6 commands us to love God. It also tells us how He loves us.
  • Who's Will be Done?
    There are two heart circumcision passages in Deuteronomy. Their differences go to the heart of our problems living in this world.
  • Why the Laws of Kashrut?
    God has always cared about what we eat. He gave us the dietary laws out of love.
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