Micah 2021

Micah prophesied during the destruction of the Northern Kingdom of Israel. Like Isaiah, his messages ranged from the immediate to the end of days.

  • Micah 1,2 The Corruption of Power
    The prophet speaks of the corrupt power structure in the Northern Kingdom of Israel. There the wicked people in the government have no real fear of being stopped and so spend their time devising schemes to use their positions for personal enrichment.
  • Micah 3, Corrupt Elites
    The elites of Israel - rulers, prophets, seers, etc. - had become corrupt. They used their offices to enrich themselves at the expense of the people they were supposed to lead and minister to. Because the corruption at the top had trickled down to the people, the whole nation was going to be plowed under and sent into exile.
  • Micah 4, Swords into Plowshares
    In the latter days, the nations will flock to the Mountain of the Lord to learn Torah. During that time peace and plenty will reign. Also during that time the Lord will regather and heal the dispersed of Israel and reform them into a mighty nation.