Most of the teachings on this site cover an entire book of the Bible. These teachings, on the other hand, are on various stand alone subjects.

  • Bathsheba
    There's more to the story of David and Bathsheba than you were probably told in Sunday school. The lady was quite the power player in Biblical Israel.
  • Demons 101
    Demons and spiritual warfare are always popular subjects for discussion. This study discusses who/what demons are and how/why they gain influence over people. It also discusses how to get rid of them.
  • Joseph's Dreams
    Joseph's dreams in Egypt have very different interpretations depending on whether one is an Egyptian or a Hebrew.
  • Judah's Character Development
    Three vignettes in Genesis show the development of Judah's character. In the first, he is the one who engineers selling his brother into slavery. In the scene with Tamar, we see a change. He is able to acknowledge his error and do what's necessary to make it right. Finally, standing before Joseph, he is able to put his own interests aside and do whatever is necessary to save his brother Benjamin. His character growth is simply astonishing.
  • Malachi Speaks to the Church
    Malachi, written after the Babylonian exile, addresses a jaded and cynical priesthood. They are just going through the motions to satisfy the crowd and maintain their places in society. In this they are very similar to much of the modern church.
  • Election 2016 - A Duty to Choose
    Until Y'shua returns, God has given man dominion on Earth. That means we have an obligation to participate in whatever political process we find ourselves in. In the 2016 Presidential election, the two candidates each have Biblical parallels which can help us to choose wisely.
  • Forgiveness and Time 2017
    We are creatures moving in time. As such, at the time we act, we cannot know the consequences of our actions; nor can we go back and undo our actions if they are unwise or cause damage. Forgiveness is the mechanism that God has provided that allows us to recover from our errors.
  • The God of Old
    In the earlier books of the Bible the divide between the spiritual world and the physical seems to have been much less rigid than it is now. There are quite a few stories where two people meet and it is only later that one realizes that the other is an angel. Indeed, some of these angelic beings appear to be either God or Messiah.
  • Gog Magog, Battle at the End
    Ezekiel chapters 36 through 39 describe the resurrection and regathering of Israel and their living under the New Covenant. During this process Israel remains distinct from the nations even through the reign of Messiah. At the end, the nations, influenced by Satan's lies, will rise up against Israel and her Messiah and will have their armies destroyed.
  • Faith
    Faith is the human faculty that allows us to operate in the time stream. In order to take action, you must have faith that that action will get the result you expect. In a Biblical sense, you are behaving as if the promises of God are true. In that case you expect the results He promises.
  • Joseph's Police State
    In Christian theology, Joseph prefigures Christ in that many of the events in his life are prophetic. There are, however, marked differences between Joseph and Christ, one of which is that Joseph set up a police state on Pharaoh's behalf in Egypt. The system that Joseph established during the Egyptian famine would be used later to enslave Israel for several centuries.