Prayer is a skill that can be taught. Yeshua uses the parables in Luke to teach his disciples how to pray and to teach them the elements of a healthy relationship with God.

  • Prayer - Introduction
    This series on prayer uses the Jewish Siddur and the New Testament Book of Luke to discuss what prayer is and is not. The introduction discusses the outline in the preface to the Siddur.
  • Prayer - The Lord's Prayer and the Friend at Midnight
    Yeshua's (Jesus') discourse on prayer from Luke. In this session, the Lord's prayer and the parable of the Friend at Midnight.
  • Prayer - the Assurance of Prayer - the Unjust Judge
    Yeshua (Jesus) speaks about assurance in prayer. In the parable of the Unjust Judge, the widow knows she will get an answer even though the judge is corrupt. How much more can we be assured that God will answer us?
  • Prayer - The Spirit and the Written Word
    It is one of the roles of the Holy Spirit to help us to pray. How does that work and what is the relationship between the written Word and the guidance of the Spirit?
  • The Friend at Midnight - 2016
    In the Friend at Midnight, Yeshua is instructing his disciples on the fact that prayer is a relationship and the two parties of that relationship need not always agree.