Timothy 2022

Writing from prison, Paul gives advice and direction to his protege, Timothy. In these letters he discusses church governance and how to prevent error from creeping into the body.

  • 1Tim22_1-2, Endless Genealogies

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    Paul instructs Timothy to root out false teachers in the church at Ephesus. One of the subjects he mentions is 'endless genealogies.' To understand what he means it is useful to compare this letter with the letter to Titus and with the letter to the Ephesians.
  • 1Tim22_3-4 The Teaching of Demons

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    After listing the qualifications for church leadership Paul warns that some will depart from the faith by devoting themselves to deceitful spirits and their teaching. Given the list of symptoms Paul is probably referring to Gnosticism which appeals to intelligent people who are not able to fully understand the grace of God.
  • 1Tim22_5,6 Guard the Church

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    Paul's practical instruction about human relations; how to treat older people, widows and would-be teachers. In all cases it is Timothy's responsibility as the pastor to keep things orderly and protect from malign situations and influences. He is not to allow his relative youth deter him from insisting on sound doctrine and good order.
  • 2Tim22_1,2 Focus on the Gospel

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    This last letter from Paul to his protege is full of encouragement. The main theme of the first half is that Timothy should focus on sound teaching and order within the church. He should not get distracted by frivolous arguments. Rather he should seek out sound men who are able to teach and insure that they have been taught properly so that they can reproduce themselves.
  • 1Tim22_3-4 Itching Ears

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    Paul warns Timothy that bad times will come and that false teachers will arise. He further warns that people, when faced with a choice of teachers will gravitate toward those who tell them what they want to hear. This is instead of teachers who will lead them to repentance, righteousness and holiness.