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  • The Bread of Life - How Do We Get There?10/5/2022 8:48:11 AM

    In John 6 Y'shua describes Himself as the bread of life. In this, He loses most of the disciples who had been following Him. Why should they have understood Him relying solely on the Torah?

  • Who is Israel?10/4/2022 2:57:41 PM

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    Within Christianity there is often confusion about who is who within God's economy. This leads to such things as dispensationalism, replacement theology, etc. This talk explores the Biblical covenants and discusses which ones apply to whom and what the conditions are for each.

  • Devarim- The Covenant10/3/2022 8:37:46 AM

    Devarim follows the form of an ancient suzerainty treaty. It is unique in that God is the suzerain and the people of Israel are the vassals.

  • Days of Awe10/2/2022 1:59:48 PM

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    During the time between Yom Teruah and Yom Kippur it is good to focus on your purpose and on where you have fallen short during the past year. It is also a time for repairing damaged relationships if possible. There is a process for doing this.

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  • The Confidence of Knowing9/30/2022 1:16:10 PM

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    While every generation is tested in its faith, the tests are different depending on time and circumstance. The Bible records that even the generations to whom God spoke directly and audibly lost confidence in critical situations. How then are we to act with confidence in today's world?

  • The Rich Young Ruler9/29/2022 8:27:17 AM

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    Continuing the answer to the question, "What shall I do to inherit eternal life?" Y'shua speaks with a young man of substantial means. His answer begins with instruction to follow Moses. When the young man says that he already does that, Y'shua sees through to the real impediment; the young man is too bound up with wealth and the world.

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  • Jeremiah 34-36 Burning the Scroll9/27/2022 8:29:10 AM

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    Jeremiah gave a very dire prophecy about Jehoiakim and had it written down on a scroll. When the king's ministers heard it, they had it read before the king. As each page was read, the king cut it from the scroll and threw it into the fire. This attempt to 'destroy the prophecy' did not work.

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  • Parables and Prophecy9/26/2022 1:21:51 PM

    During his ministry, Y'shua spoke both plainly and in parables. What caused Him to change His delivery?

  • Creation and Meaning9/25/2022 3:46:14 PM

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    Secular science is being dragged to the realization that everything was created by God. While that is not news to believers, it does have some very interesting ramifications which have bearing on the Holy Days coming up. A creator outside of the universe means that He has a purpose in view and we have meaning within that purpose. Further it means that standards of conduct are given by Him and not invented ad hoc. Finally, since we are made in His image, we have the ability to control our various appetites just as He set limits on the creation. These realizations have bearing on preparation for the Holy Days.

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Deuteronomy 32:1-52
Ezekiel 17:22—18:32
John 19:16-30

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"Stand by the crossroads
and consider,
Inquire about ancient paths:
Which is the road to happiness?
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