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  • Ephesians 2 - Fellow Citizens2024-05-21T08:38:20

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    In Christ the separation and hostility between Jews and believing gentiles has been abolished. Now gentiles can be citizens of the Commonwealth of Israel and children of God. What does it mean to be a citizen of the Commonwealth?

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  • Three Sorts of Fool2024-05-20T08:33:11

    There are three varieties of fool described in Biblical wisdom literature. Their destination is very different.

  • The Kingdom has Suffered Violence2024-05-19T13:52:40

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    In Matthew 11, John's disciples ask if Y'shua is actually the Messiah. This is a hinge point in the book. He explains that John could have been Elijah, but both he and Y'shua are being rejected by the ruling elites. This sets up the rest of the story telling how they are willing to corrupt every organ of society to get rid of a populist trouble maker. The parallels with our own day are striking.

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  • A Place for the Beloved2024-05-17T08:59:04

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    Before the Beginning, all that was was God. When He made the world as a place for people, He had to provide a space that was not Himself. When He decided to dwell with Israel, they made the Tabernacle as a place that was not 'human space.' The Cherubim in the Mishkan show how this was done.

  • Judges 6-7 - Gideon2024-05-16T08:25:27

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    With Israel once again in apostasy, the Midianites spread across the Jezreel valley during the harvest. They plundered Israel's crops and oppressed her people. God called Gideon to drive the Midianites from the land.

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  • Mussar 13 - Simplicity2024-05-15T13:48:15

    Our lives are full of clutter and distraction which prevent us from focusing on eternal things. Simplifying can become a spiritual exercise that allows us to connect with God.

  • Ephesians 1 - The Guarantee2024-05-14T10:21:37

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    In this introduction, Paul writes of the glory and power that God exhibited in raising Christ from the dead. He also writes of the spiritual blessings and the inheritance that await believers. The Spirit being the guarantee of the inheritance promised in the fullness of time.

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  • Who Created Everything?2024-05-13T09:31:40

    1 Peter says that Messiah was known before the creation. That's because He was there at the creation.

  • Elastic not Plastic2024-05-12T13:13:15

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    Fashionable intellectual belief is that reality is plastic, that is it can be formed into whatever people desire it to be. That is the basis for all of the 'isms' from the 19th and 20th centuries. In contrast, God tells us that reality is elastic. That means that it can be pushed out of shape for a while, but it eventually snaps back. The farther it is stretched, the more violent the snap. In Leviticus 19-20 Moses tells Israel to keep separate from the nations and not to adopt their ways. There he gives a set of principles to insure that Israel's society stays within safe elastic limits.

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  • Confidence, Knowing Who You Are2024-05-10T07:17:51

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    The world is intent on marginalizing and silencing believers using every technique from intimidation to legal action. Simply put, those who are perishing do not want to be told that there is a better way. Knowing who you are and who you serve allows you to face the world with confidence and do the things you are called to do.

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Leviticus 25:1—26:2
Jeremiah 32:6-27
Matthew 11:20—30

Thus said the Lord:
"Stand by the crossroads
and consider,
Inquire about ancient paths:
Which is the road to happiness?
Travel it, and find tranquillity
for yourselves."
(Je 6:16)