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  • Legalism2024-06-21T08:44:45

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    Messianic believers are often suspected of being Judaizers or legalists by their Sunday Church brethren. This comes from a misunderstanding of the NT passages where Y'shua calls out the Pharisees for their strict observance of parts of the Torah while neglecting others. It is more useful to describe legalism as twisting the words of Scripture to justify following the evil desires of the heart.

  • Judges 15-18, Samson and Delilah2024-06-20T08:12:41

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    Samson continues to ravage the Philistines and so enable the tribe of Dan to hold the territory allotted to them by Joshua. The Philistines finally discover the source of his great strength and manage to bind Samson - to their ultimate destruction.

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  • A Stolen Blessing2024-06-19T07:41:22

    Isaac had always intended to bless his sons differently. The blessing of Abraham was never on offer to Esau.

  • Ephesians 6 - To Take a Stand2024-06-18T09:21:53

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    After giving advice on how to create and maintain a healthy, caring community, Paul concludes the letter with instructions for remaining personally effective in the great spiritual battle. In this, he draws on Isaiah and the Psalms to explain what each piece of the believer's equipment is to accomplish.

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  • Loving Kindness2024-06-17T10:05:44

    God shows loving kindness to us despite the miserable things we often do.

  • Shavuot - Expression of God's Love2024-06-16T10:15:36

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    On Shavuot God has twice appeared in dramatic fashion to give His people tools by which to live and to expand His Kingdom. The first occasion at Sinai, He gave us the Torah. The second time in the Upper Room, He gave His Spirit to comfort and guide us. These are two tremendous gifts to people whom He loves.

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  • Two Goats2024-06-14T07:56:28

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    In Genesis the Bible uses contrasting pairs to make a number of subtle points about humanity. Beginning with Adam and Eve and ending with Jacob and Esau, each vignette tells us something different about the spirit, the flesh and responsibility. In the Leviticus 16 Yom Kippur instructions the two goats represent the summation of those lessons and provide insight into today's victim culture. Inspired by Rabbi Sacks https://www.aish.com/tp/i/sacks/149807985.html

  • Judges 13-14, Samson2024-06-13T08:18:36

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    From the tribe of Dan, Samson was born to a previously barren woman. His conception was announced by a divine messenger and his manner of life was unique. He was sent by God to deliver Israel from the Philistines.

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  • The Gospel in Genesis2024-06-12T08:15:15

    Hebrew names have meaning. Looking at the names of the first generations in Genesis reveals the Gospel.

  • Ephesians 5 - How to Love2024-06-11T08:16:23

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    In contemporary American usage, 'love' is heavily bound up with emotion and romance. Not so in the Torah or in Paul. The command to, 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' might be usefully rendered, 'Care as much about your neighbor's welfare as you do about your own.' Read in that light, Ephesians 5 becomes commentary on the Torah's instruction to love your neighbor.

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Numbers 13:1—15:41
Joshua 2:1-24
Matthew 13:18—30

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