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  • The Wedding Feast2024-04-23T09:00:19

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    The Parable of the wedding feast in Matthew 21 and the great feast in Luke 14, while similar, were given to different audiences for different purposes. The emphasis in the Matthew parable is on the Second Coming and the final judgment. In the Luke parable the emphasis is on the gentiles coming into the Kingdom.

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  • Hope in Time of Trial2024-04-22T08:56:08

    Life in this world is difficult. That is not a flaw, it is a feature.

  • Hijacked By Evil2024-04-21T13:44:38

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    As we prepare to celebrate Passover, it is well to reflect on God's appointed times as, among other things, a mechanism to keep our history fresh in our minds. In the west today, our history is under systematic attack. The success of that attack has left our young people adrift, not sure who they are or what 'tribe' they belong to. That gap has been used to advance every form of evil.

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  • The Lord's Prayer2024-04-19T07:35:03

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    This is an extremely Jewish prayer reflecting a difference in focus between the synagogue and the church. The focus of both the synagogue and the early church was bringing Heaven down to earth or repairing the creation. About 300 years ago the church shifted focus to getting people into heaven and began neglecting earthly governance.

  • 2 Peter 3, As a Thousand Years2024-04-18T06:47:55

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    One of the beliefs of those against whom Peter is warning is a lack of historical perspective. Their attitude seems to be that, since God has not moved within living memory, He is unlikely to care much about what people do with their lives - hence the appeal to sensuality. Peter says that God's perspective is historical, not immediate and that He does not miss anything.

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  • Mussar 10 - Trust2024-04-17T08:45:11

    The world is difficult and untrustworthy, yet we earnestly desire something in which we can safely invest our confidence.

  • Who Sits Where2024-04-16T09:16:01

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    Introduction, parable of the laborers in the vineyard and the parable of the tenants. In each of these the question concerns eternal rewards and placement within the Kingdom. The disciples were curious as to what their reward would be. The laborers in the vineyard answers that question. There were also those who were trying to hijack the Kingdom. The parable of the tenants addresses their 'reward'.

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  • Preparing Seed for the Resurrection2024-04-15T09:56:02

    Seeds are information - the seed has all that's needed to build the plant. At the resurrection when the graves are opened, the body that has died is the seed for the new life to come. What information does it have?

  • The Space Between the Words2024-04-14T12:26:31

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    Biblical leprosy is regarded as a spiritually caused disease infecting those who's behavior and speech damages the community. Over and over in Scripture one is urged to listen. Listen to God; listen to one's neighbors. On social media today, the art of listening seems largely to have been lost. This is to our harm, both as individuals and as a society.

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  • Knowing God2024-04-12T09:08:38

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    As different cultures encountered God as described in the Hebrew Bible, they tended to try and understand and relate to Him in terms they were familiar with. Calvin, for example, was a lawyer and tried to fit God into a legal structure. The Catholic Church within the last decade wrote the humans could not understand God and our only access was through Jesus. These are all distortions. In the Bible, God presents Himself to man in very understandable and relatable terms.

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Exodus 33:12—34:26
Numbers 28:16-31
Ezekiel 36:37—37:14

Thus said the Lord:
"Stand by the crossroads
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Inquire about ancient paths:
Which is the road to happiness?
Travel it, and find tranquillity
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