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  • Sowing the Word2024-02-23T09:03:27

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    In explaining the Parable of the Sower, Messiah concludes that the good soil is fruitful where the road, the rocks and the weeds are not. If we compare his to Genesis 1 where God tells us to be fruitful and multiply, it becomes clear that fruitfulness in God's eyes involves more than just children. We are also expected to reproduce spiritually.

  • 1 Peter 1-2, Called to Be Holy2024-02-22T09:40:43

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    Peter, writing to Hebrews reminds them that they are God's chosen people. As such, they have a duty to conduct themselves in a way befitting that status. This is especially true of Hebrews living in exile among the gentiles.

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  • Mussar 02 - Gratitude2024-02-21T08:41:46

    Gratitude requires seeing the good in every situation. Because we are unable to see the future, this is not always obvious, but it is usually there.

  • Daniel 10-11 Three Weeks2024-02-20T08:40:02

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    Daniel prayed and fasted for 21 days seeking to understand the oracle that had been revealed to him. The fact that it took Gabriel 21 days to burn through spiritual interference gives some insight into conflict in the unseen realm. The interpretation covered the period starting with the death of Alexander and extending to end times.

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  • Revelation in 15 Minutes or Less (Part2)2024-02-19T10:33:55

    The Book of Revelation is intended to be understood by the average believer. The book is clearly organized and all of its symbols are explained elsewhere in Scripture. This series presents a quick overview of how Revelation is organized and how to read it.

  • God's Mercy - The Tabernacle2024-02-18T13:17:00

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    The design of the Tabernacle speaks of God's mercy and forgiveness. It also speaks of His hopes for each of us. This is contrasted to the current religion of 'Woke' with its purification rituals - the destruction of the past. The gods of that religion have no concept of mercy or forgiveness.

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  • Self Righteousness2024-02-16T07:44:51

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    Luke 6 and Luke 18 are complementary. One is narrative, the other parable, but both involve the contrast between a Pharisee and an ordinary person. In both cases the ordinary person behaves humbly in the presence of God while the Pharisee acts as if he is doing God a favor by showing up. Also in both cases Messiah justifies the humble.

  • 1 Peter 1:1-12, An Imperishable Inheritance2024-02-15T09:19:59

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    Peter, writing to Hebrews in the diaspora, starts his letter by explaining that Y'shua is He whom the prophets predicted and that His resurrection is the guarantee of an imperishable inheritance for them. This inheritance is kept in heaven waiting for revelation 'in the last time.'

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  • Mussar 01 - Humility2024-02-14T08:58:11

    Humility is the first subject because one's self esteem forms the filter through which all of the other personality traits is viewed.

  • Daniel 9 - Repentance and Prophecy2024-02-13T08:51:06

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    Realizing that the 70 year exile to Babylon was nearing completion, Daniel humbly prayed for his people. His prayer was answered by Gabriel who gave him a prophecy of what was to happen to his people. During this discussion there is a chart with a summary of the standard interpretations of the 70 weeks


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Exodus 27:20—30:10
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