Lamentations 2022

Probably written by Jeremiah after the destruction of Judah and Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar. This series of five poetic laments acknowledges that Judah broke its covenant with God and fully deserves what has happened. The poems also express hope that God will have mercy upon His people and restore.

  • Lam22_1-2 The Roads to Zion Mourn

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    Jerusalem lies in ruins and the joyful throngs who went up for the feasts are no more. God has driven Judah into exile for her transgressions of the Covenant.
  • Lam22_3 Hope in Affliction

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    This central chapter of the book provides a ray of hope in the sea of trouble. The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases and He will not cast off Israel forever.
  • Lam33_4-5 The Gold has Grown Dim

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    Jerusalem, the city of gold, is no more. Everything appears hopeless. The final plea of the book is that God restore His people to Himself.