Colossians 2022

  • Col22_1 Something is Not Right

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    Paul's letter appears to be a theological corrective for something going on within the church in Colossae. The exact nature of the problem is not made clear, but it has to do with the person of Christ and with competing philosophies. In this first chapter he makes it very clear who the Messiah is and what He has done and is doing.
  • Col22_1 Nailed to the Cross?

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    Paul warns the church not to be taken captive by vain philosophy and man made religion. He also says that because of Christ, the record of our offenses against God have been nailed to the cross. Many take that to mean that the Torah has been nailed to the cross and voided. This is not correct.
  • Col22_3-4 Torah 101

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    Having dealt with the doctrinal errors that had been reported to him, Paul switches to reinforcing the basic principles of life in the Kingdom of God. These include authority and order within the family and the community as well as general principles of human relationships. The letter concludes with personal greetings.

There is a problem with theological confusion within the church at Colossae. Paul's letter focuses on the person of Christ and on the fact that anything beyond the Gospel is wrong.