Second Coming Parables 2024

During His final trip to Jerusalem, Y'shua told a series of parables recorded starting in Matthew 20 and ending in Matthew 25. Each of those parables discussed who was going to be included in the Kingdom at His second coming. They also provide insight as to what He expects His followers to be doing while they await His coming.

  • Who Sits Where

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    Introduction, parable of the laborers in the vineyard and the parable of the tenants. In each of these the question concerns eternal rewards and placement within the Kingdom. The disciples were curious as to what their reward would be. The laborers in the vineyard answers that question. There were also those who were trying to hijack the Kingdom. The parable of the tenants addresses their 'reward'.
  • The Wedding Feast

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    The Parable of the wedding feast in Matthew 21 and the great feast in Luke 14, while similar, were given to different audiences for different purposes. The emphasis in the Matthew parable is on the Second Coming and the final judgment. In the Luke parable the emphasis is on the gentiles coming into the Kingdom.
  • Matthew 24, The End of the Age

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    In a private conversation on the Mount of Olives, the disciples ask Y'shua about the signs and timing of His return. Most of His answer is in the negative; listing events that will be disturbing but are not signs of the end. He is careful to emphasize that His coming will not be subtle and that He expects to find His servants doing what He tells them to do.
  • While We Wait

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    At the end of the Olivet Discourse where Messiah tells His disciples that even He does not know the timing of His return, He recounts three parables all having to do with our behavior while He is away. The Parable of the Ten Virgins speaks of preparation. The Parable of the Talents of how we should be advancing His interest using the assets we have been given. The Sheep and Goat judgment describes how we are to treat one another.