• An Eternal Inheritance
    In the resurrection and the New Heaven and New Earth we will have an eternal inheritance.
  • Ceased from Sin
    There are two instances of heart circumcision in the Torah. While their intended effect is the same, the agent is different in each case.
  • Hope in Time of Trial
    Life in this world is difficult. That is not a flaw, it is a feature.
  • How We Know He is the Messiah
    Being raised from the dead is not the sign that Y'shua is the Messiah.
  • Planting for the Resurrection, Developing the Seed
    Seeds are information - the seed has all that's needed to build the plant. At the resurrection when the graves are opened, the body that has died is the seed for the new life to come. What information does it have?
  • Three Sorts of Fool
    There are three varieties of fool described in Biblical wisdom literature. Their destination is very different.
  • Time and Hope
    We deal with two concepts of time, cyclical and linear. Cyclical time encompasses the cycles of the day, week, month, year, lifetime. In this view, everything that is will repeat. Linear time embodies progress, the idea that the cycles are moving toward a goal.
  • Who Created Everything?
    1 Peter says that Messiah was known before the creation. That's because He was there at the creation.
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