• A Divided Blessing
    Jacob and Rebecca conspired to steal the blessing meant for Esau. In doing this, they delayed for a generation the division of the blessing. That division occurs when Jacob blesses his own sons.
  • God Expects Sin
    People learn by trial and error - that's not a flaw, it's part of the design. Understanding this, God has provided ways for us to recover from error.
  • That I May Dwell in Their Midst
    The Mishkan (Tabernacle) is relational. It was built so that God could safely dwell in the camp of Israel.
  • The Tabernacle: Allowing Relationship with God
    For the first time, the nation Israel became more than passive participants in the events orchestrated by God and Moses. They would provide the materials and the labor to make a way for God to dwell in their midst.
  • Torah has no Sacrifice for Willful Sin
    The sin sacrifices in Leviticus are only designed to handle unintentional sin. Only the sacrifice of Messiah handles intentional sins.
  • What is His Name?
    When God sends Moses to deliver Israel from Egypt, he asks what shall I say your name is? The answer says a lot about what God is about to do.