Esther 2015


This study was inspired by Yoram Hazony's book, 'The Dawn' which is a detailed and extensive study of the politics involved in the Book of Esther. The book shows, and we discuss in these audio files, what was going on in the power politics of Aẖashverosh's Persian court.

It is important to understand why Mordecai felt compelled to resist Haman's rise to power and how he and Esther conspired to destroy Haman.

Equally important, the study discusses what was behind the steps taken to destroy the anti-semetic forces within the Persian Empire.

  • Esther 1-2 The Great Feast

    Media File
    Introduction and exploration of Aẖashverosh (or Xerxes 1) personality and manner of governing. Explanation of the king's search for a bride and how Ester became the favorite.
  • Esther 3 Who is Haman

    Media File
    Discussion of Haman and and his relationship to the king.
  • Esther 4-5 What is Mordecai's Problem

    Media File
    Mordecai's reaction to the elevation of Haman and the formulation of Esther's plan.
  • Esther 6-7 Haman's Hubris

    Media File
    The entire plan to depose Haman depends upon his very obvious sense of self importance and pride. Having baited the trap with an invitation for him to have a private dinner with herself and the king, Esther then springs the trap.
  • Esther 8-10 Deliverance

    Media File
    Mordecai's plan to deliver the Jews from the planned destruction.