Esther 2024

One of four accounts of Israelite behavior while in exile. Each account features a different tribe as protagonist. Mordecai, a Benjamite, is very different from Joseph, or Moses, a Levite, or Daniel of the Tribe of Judah. 

This study refers to Yoram Hazony's book, The Dawn.

  • Esther 1-2 The Backstory

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    The first two chapters of Esther are basically setup for the rest of the book. Aẖashverosh (or Xerxes 1) threw a great feast for all of the administration within his empire. At the end of that feast he was humiliated by his wife. He divorced her on the spot. That set up an opening for a replacement. Esther was finally chosen and elevated to the status of queen. Esther's cousin, Mordecai discovered and exposed a plot to assassinate the king.
  • Esther 3 - Where Did Haman Come from?

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    The coup attempt prompted Aẖashverosh to completely revamp his court and severely restrict access to himself. Haman, who became the gatekeeper, was not mentioned in the great feast of chapter 1. The fact that he was an Amelikite, the eternal enemy of the Hebrews, is significant. Once can view his decision to destroy all Jews as payback for what Saul did to Amelik.
  • Esther 4-7 A Private Dinner

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    Since Esther is not an expert in affairs of state, She would have no chance confronting Haman in the Throne Room. Instead she arranged to get the King into a situation where she had the advantage. Haman, full of hubris doesn't even see it coming.
  • Esther 8-10 The Aftermath

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    After the execution of Haman, the problem of his decree that all Jews be killed remained. Since that edict could not be changed, Esther and Mordecai got the King's permission to send a second decree to the effect that the Jews were allowed to defend themselves. That decree along with Mordecai's prominence effectively took the government bureaucracy out of the picture.