• End Times and This Pope
    Revelation 13 describes the second beast. It has always been great sport speculating who that will be, and popes are a perennial favorite. The current pope, however, is exhibiting some behaviors that elevate him into front runner status.
  • Origins of Community
    Historically the United States has gotten things done via ad hoc groups which come together when there is a need and then disband. This only works for a church going people.
  • Singing God's Music (We Each Sound Different)
    Each of us has an unique voice. So when we sing the music God has written into His Scriptures, each will sound different. Each will approach situations differently.
  • The Office of a Prophet
    In Scripture, prophets do certain specific things. In this, they prefigure and authenticate Y'shua. The things He did were prefigured in Scripture.
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