• God Doesn't Do Unnecessary Miracles
    Every miracle in the Bible has a purpose and it's not to satisfy our desire for signs and wonders
  • God's Barometer for a Society
    In addition to worship, God demands that we look after the defenseless.
  • Packing Up the Tabernacle
    The Tabernacle in the wilderness is a projection of the image of God from infinity into three dimensions. This becomes very clear in the instructions for its packing and transport.
  • Sinning with a High Hand
    God does not treat us harshly, but He does deal with rebellion.
  • The Land is Desolate
    When God's people are not in His land, that land becomes desolate.
  • The Next Messianic Event
    The pattern of Israel's exile and return suggests that another messianic event is eminent.
  • Three Spiritual Regimes
    Biblically, Israel can exist in any one of three distinct spiritual regimes: wilderness, in the land, exile. Each regime has different rules and conditions. It is God who decides which regime is appropriate at any point in history.
  • Tisha B Av
    The ninth of Av when the spies in the wilderness brought back a bad report has marked Hebrew calamities throughout history.
  • Zechariah's New Covenant
    Most believe the New Covenant is found only in Hebrews. Actually, it is all over the Tanak. This is Zechariah's version.
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