Ruth 2019

Ruth is a Moabite woman who married into Israel and became an ancestor to David and to Y'shua. It is a story of grace and redemption.

From the Jewish perspective it is a link in the story of how the lines of the three sons of Terah unite into the kings of Israel.

  • Ruth 1-2, Call Me Mara

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    Naomi had left Bethlehem with a husband and two sons, she returned as a widow with her widowed daughter in law, Ruth. In her bitterness and poverty, Naomi did not yet know that Ruth would be to her better than seven sons.
  • Ruth 3-4, Redeemed

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    Having been given favor by Boaz, Ruth is guided through the maze of Hebrew law by Naomi. Naomi's goal is leverite marriage and redemption. In this she is building up the house of her dead husband and son.