Ruth 2024

Redemption, leverite marriage and the reuniting of the branches of Terah's family.

  • Ruth 1-2 - Two Widows

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    Naomi, her husband and two sons, move to Moab during a famine in their home town of Bethlehem. Naomi's two sons marry Moabite women. Over time her husband and two sons all perish leaving her and her daughters-in-law as widows. Naomi decides to return home and tells the other two to return to their families. Ruth refuses and stays with Naomi as she returns to Bethlehem.
  • Ruth 3-4 Redemption

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    Naomi instructs Ruth on how to claim the right of redemption from Boaz, her close relative. The resulting marriage brings together the descendants of Terah. It also illustrates how Christ is able to redeem all of humanity.